Peloton has announced that their next artist will feature the music of the iconic and legendary singer Barbra Streisand! Peloton shared the news via Instagram:
The ageless and evergreen music of Barbra Streisand has arrived. The next time you gotta move, let the timeless songs of @barbrastreisand inspire you to branch out and try something new.
Artist Series classes with @robinnyc, @tobiasheinze_de, @iamicaniwillido, @benny.adami, @leannehainsby, and @rossrayburnyoga start Wednesday, June 15!
The Barbra Streisand artist series will contain six classes spanning four modalities. Instructors for the series are Robin Arzón, Tobias Heinze, Christine D’Ercole, Benny Adami, Leanne Hainsby, and Ross Rayburn. Classes launch on Wednesday, June 15 and you can view the complete list below:
Members can expect to receive an artist series badge for completing any of the Barbra Streisand classes. If you’re looking to collect additional badges, you can browse the complete list of available badges in our guide.
As always, if you’re interested in taking other featured artist series classes from Peloton, you can find the complete collection in our list.
Will you be opting into the Barbra Streisand artist series?
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It’s difficult for me to think of a less appealing mainstream vocalist for a Peloton artist series.
Sacrilege! There’s nothing more inviting for a fan of Barbra Streisand, and beginner rider, adding Barbra has been life changing for my appeal to get on the bike. Peloton has something for everyone!
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