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This year’s Documenta has become a political hot potato, being widely criticized as antisemitic.

But the event, which is one of the world’s most prestigious art shows, has also been a success with a lot of younger visitors.
The scandal at Documenta 15 was triggered by a huge banner featuring antisemitic motifs. In addition to the scandal that surrounded this work by an Indonesian artist collective, attention was also focused on other works that can be interpreted as antisemitic. Yet the debate has now extended beyond such problematic examples and the exhibition. The question that is now being asked is – where does antisemitism start and where does criticism of Israeli policy stop?
On 25 September 2022, Documenta 15 closed its doors after 100 days. This documentary does not just explore what happened at the art exhibition in Kassel, but also the furious, bitterly contested and extremely polarizing debate that it sparked. This is a very German debate, which goes to the heart of the identity of the Federal Republic of Germany.
It is a debate that remembers the darkest chapter in German history. We conduct the first TV interview with Taring Padi, the artist’s collective that created the 96-square meter banner entitled “People’s Justice” exhibited in the center of Kassel for days on end. We also speak to Minister of State for Culture, Claudia Roth, the Central Council of Jews in Germany and other cultural figures such as Eva Menasse, Igor Levit, Meron Mendel and others. 
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Curated by an Indonesian art collective, Germany’s five-yearly art extravaganza was supposed to be something different, a symbol of creative diversity. How then did antisemitic imagery overshadow art at documenta?
Central Council of Jews President Josef Schuster spoke to DW about antisemitism scandals at the documenta art show. He pleads for more enlightenment and education.
Following the scandal over an antisemitic artwork at the documenta art show in Kassel, the curatorial team has now been joined by the artist collective Taring Padi in apologizing.
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