Frankfurt is a major city in Germany, and it’s a great place to visit with the kids.
Even if Frankfurt is the most important commercial center in all of Germany and the greatest financial center in all of Europe, it does not imply that young people do not have a place in this dynamic and bustling city. While on vacation in Frankfurt, there are a lot of fun things that families can do together to keep the kids entertained.
Here are some suggestions, ideas, and basic phrases & terms to know before visiting Germany to make the trip enjoyable for everyone in the family. The following is a list of sites and activities in Frankfurt that are appropriate for tourists of all ages, including kid-friendly museums, interesting skyscrapers, and the greatest toy store in town.
One of the most extensive natural history collections in Germany may be found in the Senckenberg Museum, which is also one of the country's most well-known museums. More than 400,000 artifacts, ranging from American mammoths and fossil amphibians to Egyptian mummies, are on display in this enthralling location, making it a fascinating destination for people of all ages. A feature of the museum is its extensive collection of dinosaur skeletons, which includes a Tyrannosaurus Rex. This collection is one of the most diversified displays in all of Europe.
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This botanical park, established in 1868 by a group of Frankfurt residents and currently cared for by Goethe University, takes visitors on a horticultural tour from the African savanna to the exotic flora of the rain forests and finally to the magnificent flower gardens of Europe. Let the youngsters unwind in the company of exotic flora and the majesty of the waterfall. More than 6,000 plant varieties from all over the world are on display over the park's 50 acres and several greenhouses.
Are the kids becoming cranky after a day of sightseeing in Frankfurt? Take a ride on the historic tram known as the Ebbelwei Express (Apple wine express) and see some of Frankfurt's most famous landmarks, including Romerberg Square, Paulskirche, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Frankfurt Zoo. Enjoy a glass of "Ebbelwei" (alcoholic apple cider), the distinctive drink of Frankfurt, while listening to some local Hessian music and learning the local accent, all while the youngsters' munch on some pretzels. The audio commentary will tell tourists about the places they pass; it’s also a great way to learn a new culture when traveling. Weekends and holidays are the only times the tram operates.
Taking in the sights of Frankfurt from above is a must for those who have never been there. The Main Tower, an amazing skyscraper and one of Frankfurt's most popular tourist destinations, features an observation deck from which visitors may take in breathtaking views of the city below. This high-rise, which opened in 2000, takes its name from the river Main that flows through the heart of Frankfurt, Germany. Main Tower (650 ft) is not the tallest building in Frankfurt, but it is the only one accessible to the general public. Use the elevator to reach the observation deck and impress the youngsters with the cityscape of Frankfurt from above.
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The German Film Museum, situated on the banks of the Main River in Frankfurt, is a must-see for families with young movie enthusiasts. The museum chronicles the evolution of cinematic technology from the laterna magica and camera obscura to modern-day replica studios and special effects. Curious kids may explore the many interactive displays. With the aid of a blue screen, one may reenact a vehicle pursuit or fly over Frankfurt on a magic carpet. People who want to see everything the museum has to offer should take a guided tour. In addition, there is a cinema theater that plays films exclusively in their uncut theatrical releases.
A visit to Frankfurt's science and technology center is a fantastic way to while away a gloomy day. A lot of hands-on activities and workshops are available at the museum for those with restless fingers and inquiring minds. Kids may learn about the principles of vision by exploring the interior of a gigantic eyeball, or they can ride inside a giant soap bubble or witness a race between small solar vehicles. In addition to the permanent display, there are also rotating exhibitions, talks aimed at both adults and children, and interactive activities.
The busiest airport in Germany is also the fourth busiest hub in all of Europe; it is called Frankfurt International Airport. There is a considerable likelihood that this will be the point at which one will enter Germany; nonetheless, there is no reason to leave right immediately. There are a number of excursions that go behind the scenes, as well as a wonderful visitor's terrace that is free for children under the age of four. There is a short tour that lasts for 45 minutes and does not require bookings, as well as a night tour and a visit to the fire department.
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The Eissporthalle, often known as the Ice Sports Hall, is a venue that hosts tournaments for ice hockey and figure skating. In the fall and winter, skaters of all ages and skill levels may enjoy hours of entertainment ice skating on the rink. After people have finished skating, they may grab a bite to eat at one of the establishments located within the Eissporthalle. With or without ice, the ice skating rink may be used for a variety of other activities.
The Museum of Modern Art (MMK) is well-known not only for the breadth and depth of its art collection, which features works by artists like Joseph Beuys, Roy Lichtenstein, Gerhard Richter, and Andy Warhol but also for the daring design of its building. The museum, which was designed by a Viennese architect named Hans Hollein and had the shape of a triangle, is referred to as "the slice of cake" or "Frankfurter Küche" by the citizens of Frankfurt. Be sure to pay it a visit when planning your trip to Frankfurt.
It may be considered sacrilegious to consume vegetarian or vegan meals in Frankfurt. Guests should bear in mind that they are currently at the home of the Frankfurter! However, Frankfurt is home to Vevay, a mouthwatering meat-free restaurant that offers up food that is so substantial one won't even miss the meat they don't serve. Try the vibrant and hearty superfood salad that is topped with a soy-mint dressing and stuffed with quinoa, fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and sprouts. Remember to bring some cash!
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