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The parliamentary investigation committee on the withdrawal from Afghanistan has been launched. The work of the external intelligence service will once again be under scrutiny. […]
With Iraq still without a government, German company Monarch has already been able to carry out a real-life test of its democracy protection service. The privately owned group carried out physical and cyber security audits during the country’s last parliamentary elections. […]
Appointments, reforms and the issues at stake: every Monday, Intelligence Online serves up snippets from the global intelligence community and this week we’re heading to Kerbala, Washington, London, Berlin and Paris. […]
All over the world, spies like to meet in favourite spots where discreet conversations and chance meetings can occur. This week Intelligence Online visits the emblematic Einstein UdL in Berlin, a city where spying is making something of a comeback. […]
The head of the British intelligence, cyber and security agency is embarking on his sixth year and arguably last act at the helm of a reformed GCHQ amid rising strategic threats out of Kyiv and Beijing. […]
Kahl, who has directed the BND since 2016 but is no longer in tune with his masters, is due to stay in the job for another few months, depending on events in Ukraine. In view of the planned budgets and its internal developments, the BND could quickly establish itself as a European leader. […]
At a time when Washington is in a state of political chaos, the NSA is trying to remodel the US’s cyber-offensive doctrine so that it can retaliate to attacks or even carry out preventive attacks, a new approach for which [. […]
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