How much it will cost to enjoy visiting the Birmingham German Christmas Market could depend on your appetite for its food and drink prices
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The Birmingham German Christmas Market in 2021 was the 21st event – but celebrations came at a price. That's also the year when the cost of a pint and a bratwurst smashed through the £10 barrier for the first time.
Prices had held steady for the four years from 2015 to 2019, when the cost of a bratwurst went up by 12.5 per cent from £4 in 2015-18 to £4.50. When the market returned last year after the Covid-19 break in 2020, the price for a standard bratwurst had risen again – to £5. Meanwhile, a half-metre (20-inch) bratwurst had increased to £7, up from £6.50 in 2019 and just £6 the year before, 2018.
Adding in the £5.50 price of a pint in 2021 to a standard bratwurst took the combined cost of a banger and a beer to £10.50. A year ago, an original Munchner Bier was £4 for a half pint (up 50p from the 2015-19 price) and £5.50 for a pint (up by 50p from 2019 and £1 above the 2018 price). The cost of a double pint in 2021 was £10.50 – that had increased by £1 since 2019 and was £1.50 higher than the £9 price which had previously held steady from 2015-18.
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The 2022 price for a bratwurst and a beer combined is £12.50 – up £2.50 from last year. And a pint of German beer is up £1 from £5.50 to £6.50.
Below is a list of how the various 'essential' food and drink prices breakdown this year. We will update this list as more stalls reveal their prices for 2022.
These are the new prices for 2022, with the cost of each item in 2021 in brackets.
Half-pint of beer – £4.50 (£4)
Pint of beer – £6.50 (£5.50)
Double pint – £12.50 (£10.50)
Alcohol free beer – £6.50
Shandy pint – £6.50
Gluhwein – £6 (£5.50)
Schneeman Punsch Speciality Gluhwein (with rum, Amaretto and cream – £9 (£8)
Heese Leibe hot red wine with rum, Amaretto or cherry schnapps – £8 (£7.50)
Hot chocolate – £5 (£4)
Luxury hot chocolate Baileys, rum, Amaretto or Jagermeister – £7 (£6)
Kirschwein hot cherry wine – £6
Kirschwein with cherry schnapps – £8
Shots – £3 for Feigling, Party Mix or Jagermeister (£3.50)
Hot non-alcoholic punch £4
Hot apple juice £4
Water – £1.50
Soft drinks – £2.50
Bratwurst – £6 (£5)
Curry bratwurst £6 (£5)
Half-metre bratwurst – £8 (£7)
Steak – £6
Sweet crepes – £4.50 with lemon, sugar or cinnamon plus £1 for extra toppings (£4)
Savoury crepes – £4.50 for a cheese crepe, £5.50 for a cheese and ham or cheese and salami crepe and £1 for extra toppings (£5)
Churros with sugar and cinnamon – £4.50 plus £1 for extra toppings (£4)
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