Navigating a German supermarket can be tricky for newcomers to the country. Germans love these tasty vegetables, but – depending on where you come from – you might not even recognize them.
September 3 marks the Day of the Vegetable in Germany. In a country best known for sausage and beer, a daily dose of vitamins becomes all the more important – and German cuisine employs a huge variety of them. 
Strolling over a bustling farmer’s market on a Saturday morning in towns and cities across Germany, or scanning the menu at a traditional restaurant, you might see or read the names of vegetables you can’t place at all because they are popular here, but less common in other countries. 
Click through the gallery above to see how many of these German vegetable varieties you’ve tried before – or would like to. 
In the gallery below, you’ll find more popular foods in Germany that are called by many different names. 


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