PetTech startup VEGDOG has just secured €3.5 million in a fresh capital raise. The Munich-based team is aiming to make pet food more sustainable, bringing plant-based diets to all members of the family, and it’s got backing from impact investors, Green Generation Fund. 
Sustainable living and eating aren’t just about humans. It’s about protecting the planet and ensuring that we live and interact in a way that doesn’t infringe on future generations. And our pets are a part of that. PetTech is a growing market area, and while innovation has been developing in this space, so has greater awareness about the environmental impacts of our existing food supply chain and diets. 
Combine the two trends, and it’s not hard to see why the plant-based movement is coming to pet food. For pet parents around Europe, making sure their beloved animals have nutritious, healthy food that has a minimal environmental impact, has become a priority. 
VEGDOG is a key European player in the health-conscious dog food market, with its product range of vegan, gluten-free food that promises to meet dogs’ nutritional needs. Now, the Munich-based startup has barked up the investment tree, fetching €3.5 million to expand.
The details:
VEGDOG founder Tessa Zaune-Figlar: “One of our core concerns when choosing investors was the intrinsic motivation behind the investment. Because this is the only way we can be value-driven and pull together. We have found the ideal partners for this.”
While the plant-based movement has become mainstream for human diets, it’s also rapidly growing amongst pets. It’s reported that, in Germany alone, the market potential is forecast to reach €620 million by 2026. 
It reflects the fact that more people are aware of the environmental benefits of going plant-based and want to bring this to their pets. VEGDOG was developed by Tessa Zaune-Figlar and Valerie Henssen to enable pet owners to provide their dogs with a healthy diet that doesn’t harm animals or the planet in the process. Having gained the attention of Green Generation Fund, which actively invests in impact-driven and sustainable startups, and Katjes Greenfood, which invests in companies using plant-based approaches to move the food market to a place of sustainability, it’s clear the Munich-based team is making disruptive changes in the pet food space. 
Dr Manon Sarah Littek, Founding Partner of Green Generation Fund: “Thanks to its pioneering role in plant-based, sustainable pet food, VEGDOG has clearly established itself as the leading DACH brand in its segment in recent years. As an impact investor, we are pleased to support Valerie Henssen and Tessa Zaune-Figlar with our expertise in the development of sustainable brands and products as well as in further scaling in e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retail.”
Dr Jesko Thron, CMO of Katjes Greenfood: “We are very pleased to be able to continue the successfully initiated development of the VEGDOG brand offline and online together with the new investors from now on.”
Founded in 2016, VEGDOG’s products are specially developed in cooperation with veterinarians. The products exclude animal protein as well as other main allergens for dogs, making it a safe and nutritious choice. The impact-led startup has created a diverse product range, including snacks and dietary supplements. Last year, VEGDOG reported €2.4 million in sales – representing 130% growth compared to the previous year. 
Not only is the brand having economic success, but its impact mission is proving fruitful as well. Since 2018, the plant-based approach has saved a reported  11657t of CO2 emissions (which is the equivalent of 7770 flights from Frankfurt to NY for some context). 
Co-founder Valerie Henssen: “More and more people want to make their lives more sustainable – and also reduce their four-legged friend’s carbon footprint. With VEGDOG, we offer an environmentally friendly and veterinarian-approved solution for this. We thank our partners for their trust in this forward-looking approach!”
In the coming months, the Munich-based impact company will focus on further developing its range of products, expanding in the German and European markets and optimizing previous sales channels, in addition to expanding its staff. The team expects a turnover to reach €4 million in 2022. 
Martin Unger, Managing Partner SFO: “We are pleased to be able to accompany two entrepreneurs who, out of conviction, want to turn the market for pet food around towards a more sustainable diet. They have already shown a lot of tenacity and perseverance over the past few years and we are convinced that the founding team is capable of great things.”
In addition to this VC-led equity financing, VEGDOG is also financing through external capital, aiming to reach €500k on the crowdfunding platform Seedmatch by the end of the year. is the leading online magazine about startups in Europe. Learn more about us and our advertising options.
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