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For decades, the museums in East Berlin engaged in intensive exchange with their counterparts in Russia. That dialogue continued even after the end of the Cold War. But now it has fallen silence, with far-reaching consequences.

Not long before she could lose her job leading the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi is visiting Berlin as part of G7 activities. Her meeting with Olaf Scholz will be brief, but looks to cover a lot of ground.
The European Commission president said the EU will support Ukraine for ‘as long as it takes’. Meanwhile, Germany said it will send 50 armored vehicles and 2 multiple rocket launchers to Ukraine. DW rounds up the latest.
In a new blueprint for a postwar order, several countries are to guarantee Ukraine’s security as a precursor to NATO membership. Russia has expressed its disapproval in no uncertain terms.
The $600 million package is meant to support Kyiv’s counteroffensive, that has seen Ukrainian forces make recent advances against the Russian army.
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