I write about history, politics, and true crime. Not to mention anything else that takes my fancy or is newsworthy.

A 34-year-old white woman who is a glamour model claims she is now a black woman after undergoing multiple procedures and hormone injections to darken her skin. The woman named Martina Big calls herself the Swahili name Malaika Kubwa which means Big Angel, and her husband told reporters now that she is a black woman, she wants to learn more about the culture and the history of her African people.
Martina and her husband, Michael Eurwin, routinely inject themselves with the synthetic hormone Melanotan to keep their dark skin appearance. Still, despite the change, Martina and her husband want to have black children. However, when reporters asked the couple how that would be possible since she and her husband were both born white, Martina simply replied, “ My doctor has told me it is possible as I have changed myself internally."
Naturally, Martina’s claims shocked people, but when asked what she thought about Africans who might be offended by her actions, she doubled down and said,
I Was Born White, but I Prefer Being Black
While Martina’s actions and claims are shocking, transracialism is rising. People are talking about the issue thanks to Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP chapter president and a professor of African American Studies at Howard University. Miss Dolezal shocked the world and all those who knew her when it became evident that she was, all along, a white woman who passed herself off as a black woman.
As Martina and Rachel Dolezal struggle to come to terms with their identities, it’s interesting that transracial identity is making headlines when several African countries, including Ghana and Rwanda, ban skin-bleaching products used by African women who want to have a fair skin complexion. The ban comes after it emerged that skin-lightening products contain dangerous and harmful products that can cause serious health problems, including kidney failure. 
Yet, despite the warnings, skin bleaching is very popular in countries like Nigeria, where the world health Organisation reports up to 77% (the highest percentage in the world) of Nigerian women use skin-lightening products.
Nevertheless, as bewildering as Martina’s story is, Martina knows the challenges and the criticisms she faces as a black woman. Most notably, Martina has a problem with Americans who judge her, unlike her new African friends, who understand what she is trying to accomplish. Martina said about her detractors,

I write about history, politics, and true crime. Not to mention anything else that takes my fancy or is newsworthy.
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At a time when infidelity is breaking apart families, a new study conducted by researchers from the University of Tilburg claims that infidelity not only boosts self-esteem but the act also brings life satisfaction. The researchers analyzed data from 609 German adults who had an affair and another group of people that was comprised of 338 people who had been victims of infidelity.
Evie Toombes, a show jumper who lives with Spina BifidaTwitter. A family doctor who neglected to advise a pregnant patient on the importance of taking folic acid has been sued 20 years later by Evie Toombes, the baby the patient was carrying. Miss Toombes believes the doctor’s neglect has contributed to her being born with Spina Bifida.
According to projections from the last census, white people in the United States will become a minority by 2045. Although the census report provides a glimpse of the country’s future, it nevertheless underscores the critical role racial minorities play in the nation’s future growth. As for why America’s white population will dwindle, aging and slow growth are possible reasons for the decline.
Sophie Eastwood (formerly known as Daniel) now identifies herself as a babyScreengrab from Daily Record. Only a month before he was to be released from a Scottish prison, Daniel Eastwood murdered his cellmate and was sentenced to life behind bars. Fourteen years later, in 2018, Daniel told the prison staff that he was no longer Daniel but identified as a woman and was to be addressed as Sophie. Although the prison staff was confused to decide whether it would be a female or a male guard who could carry out Sophie’s routine checks, the prison staff took Sophie’s request serious and accommodated her.
Mindy, a model predicting physiological changes in future humans caused by tech over-relianceTwitter. Although modern technologies have enriched human life by making vital and lifesaving scientific breakthroughs, experts are now warning that over-reliance on tech is about to physically change humanity for the worst. In about 800 years from now, scientists warn that future humans will be hunchbacked and wide-necked. But, unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t stop there. People will also have a clawed hand due to texting and a second set of eyelids.
One of the questions humanity has been wrestling with ever since we looked up to the stars has now been answered thanks to human curiosity and cutting edge modern technology. In their research, NASA Scientists and researchers from Durham University’s Institute for Computational Cosmology concluded that the moon was likely formed immediately after a cataclysmic impact tore off parts of our planet and hurled it to space. The scientists used the most detailed supercomputer simulations to determine the moon’s origins and formation.
A Harvard Associated Children’s Hospital has been promoting transgender services for children. In one of those videos, a psychologist, Dr. Kerry McGregor, suggested that very young children can comprehend their gender identity “seemingly from the womb.” This clinic takes on patients as young as two years old.
White students have been banned from attending Black History month events at Westminster University. The Student Union at the university appears to have reserved some events for only black students. This has caused an uproar as it is clear racial segregation. In an email sent by the union, they claim that some of the events would be ‘reserved for black students to encourage a safe space for discussions and honest conversations.’
According to scientists, the Pacific Ocean is closing on itself, and as a result, a supercontinent called Amasia will be formed. The process has already begun as scientists have calculated and concluded that the Pacific Ocean is currently shrinking at the slow rate of around one inch annually, a rate they say is consistent but gradual.
Diana Armstrong makes history with her record breaking long nailsYoutube. Although you find terrific and often mind-blowing feats achieved by people who have entered the Guinness world of records for various achievements, some of the accomplishments leave you with more questions than answers.
While most people around the world would today shudder at the thought of extramarital affairs, 28-year-old Alexis Watts and her 35-year-old have a special arrangement. Alexis dates other men and is involved in multiple relationships, which she says is the secret ingredient to her successful marriage to Christopher.
Biblical Daniel with the lionsAfter Briton Rivière/Public Domain. A fun-filled typical day was turned into a day of panic and terror after a self-acclaimed prophet named Daniel Abodunrin was killed by lions as he tried to recreate the biblical story of Daniel and the lions.
After archaeologists in the holy land made discoveries of reliefs and motifs on catacombs and tombs of early Jewish Christians that depicted Jonah’s deliverance from the whale, they were able to account for the historicity of Jonah’s account precisely as the bible mentioned.
If anyone were to ask what the most painful thing to happen to a parent is, without a doubt, the answer would be the loss of a child. However, when a Brazillian 82-year-old Genevieve Boghici, a wealthy widow, was approached by a psychic who told her that her daughter faced imminent death, the poor woman was trapped in a cycle of deceit that cost her $142 million.
The ingenuity of man that inspires Hollywood movies and science fiction books is no longer the stuff that is confined to man’s imagination. The world’s first flying bike has made its debut at the North American Auto show. The flying bike can travel at speeds of 62 miles per hour and can also stay in the air for about 40 minutes.
Adam Rainer, the dwarf man who became a giantYorkshireReborn/Twitter. While many people aspire to be different than they are, one such man was Adam Rainer, an Austrian who was born in Graz in 1899 and was a dwarf, but in his 20s, he became a giant. Though Adam was born with the condition of dwarfism, his parents were average-sized.
While it’s unimaginable to be fired for refusing to attend prayers, one atheist construction manager was fired for refusing to participate in mandatory Christian prayer sessions that the company insisted all their employees attend. These mandatory prayer sessions were held daily, and the company asked the atheist man to lead the prayers; they expected all the employees to attend and pray, irrespective of their beliefs. However, when the employee told his boss that he didn’t believe in God and refused to participate, he was dismissed and fired.
For years, western women looking for love have been flocking to The Gambia, a small West African country that is poor and whose main economy is dependent on agriculture and tourism. However, The Gambia has warned mature western women who want to form relationships or settle down with young Gambian men. Over the years, these older women and the unemployed destitute youth of The Gambia had a symbiotic relationship that involved money for the opportunity of a relationship. The women sponsored the young men and brought them back to their home countries when they legally got married or sent them money. The Government of The Gambia is now putting a stop to these symbiotic relationships to bolster the country’s image. Instead, The Gambia said they are after quality tourists, not desperate older people who want to exploit their young people. Abubakarr Camara, the director of The Gambia Tourism Board, didn’t mince his words when he told reporters,
Paul Alexander in his Iron lungAllison Smith/The Guardian. For the last 70 years, Paul Richard Alexander has lived inside a mechanical ventilator known as an iron lung that helps him breathe. He is one of the children who contracted polio during the major US polio outbreak of the late 1950s. As a result of the infectious disease, Paul was paralyzed for life and could only move his head, neck, and mouth.


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