Icons of Porsche returns this year for a second edition at Dubai Design District on November 26 and 27. The highly anticipated festival will take visitors on a safari-themed journey that will celebrate Porsche’s rallying heritage, whilst highlighting the many passion-led Porsche communities in the Middle East region. 
This year’s event promises to feature an even larger gathering than last year. The 17,000 square meter venue will host an exciting mix of experiences, the biggest display of classic Porsches anywhere in the region, artwork installations from renowned artists, popular F&B vendors and exciting entertainment acts from across the region.
Following the attendance of more than 7,000 visitors and 1,000 Porsche cars to the inaugural festival in 2021, Icons of Porsche will once again offer a meeting point for Porsche enthusiasts, families and a wide variety of international and local communities that are driven by shared passion points such as classic cars, art, music, off-roading and exciting experiences.
“Following the overwhelming response to last year’s festival, we are truly excited to announce that Icons of Porsche is back,” said Dr Manfred Bräunl, Chief Executive Officer of Porsche Middle East and Africa FZE. “Icons of Porsche is a celebration of Porsche’s amazing heritage. Last year’s event was one of the most impressive car displays this region has ever seen, with over 200 classic Porsche sportscars present."
“The safari theme for this year’s event will deliver a lot of exciting moments and engaging experiences. Attendees can expect to see some famous Porsche vehicles from throughout our rich history, with pedigree and success off-road as well as on the race track. We are planning to deliver a calendar event that is not to be missed. It will be the ultimate platform to experience classic car nostalgia in connection with art, culture and the community.”
The family-friendly event will feature multiple celebrations of key milestones. This includes 20 years of Porsche Cayenne, the brand’s first SUV model, 50 Years of Porsche Design and will offer a meeting place for Porsche Clubs from all over the region as they celebrate an incredible ’70 Years of Porsche Clubs’.
Alongside celebrating the past, the latest addition to Porsche’s model range will take centre stage during the festival. Receiving its regional premiere, the new model is well-positioned to become another icon amongst the adventure-driven Porsche communities of the Middle East and beyond. Its unveiling during the festival will highlight how Porsche delivers unexpected, novel and unconventional brand moments.
New highlights that are aimed to attract an even wider audience include the additions of real life and virtual driving experiences. An Esports arena will offer attendees the opportunity to test their racing simulator skills in a Porsche against other competitors, whilst a special offroad course will offer an adventurous passenger ride experience in Porsche Cayenne models. The festival will be split into five distinctive thematic zones for visitors to explore. This includes:
Last year’s festival attracted more than 7,000 visitors and more than 1,000 Porsche owners, representing the largest gathering of Porsches ever in the region. It included some of the most exciting highlights from the brand’s rich racing heritage as well as rare classic road cars and design studies making their first ever appearance at a public event outside of Porsche’s home country Germany.
The first ever “Icons of Porsche” festival made history as one of the biggest public events held by an automotive manufacturer in the Middle East region.
Offering something for everyone and hosting regional and international guests and artists, Icons of Porsche is a truly unique event that targets a wide range of audiences – from classic car owners to automotive enthusiasts and experience seekers. It is a testimony that Porsche does not only stand for exceptional sports cars but also for passion, inspiration, and dreams.
Registrations to attend this year’s two-day festival free of charge are now open to the public at www.iconsofporsche.com. Be sure to follow and contribute to the #IconsofPorsche hashtag on social media.
Team Lead International Communications
The first ever “Icons of Porsche” festival made history as one of the biggest public events in the Middle East region.
About 500 Porsche enthusiasts attended the community gathering in the heart of Wermelskirchen.
The first Porsche club was founded 70 years ago on 26 May 1952.
This year, Tom Gädtke organised a gathering of Porsche lovers entirely under the Bauhaus theme.
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